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odict perfume collection

ODICT is a modern Kuwaiti Perfume Brand made in France with love.




ODICT scents are luxurious, unisex scents. They are designed and bottled for today’s modern scent addict. ODICT allows its wearers to shape-shift and transform, leaving strong and mysterious impressions of themselves long after they’ve gone…

The ODICT Collection brings together unexpected opposites to make rich and alluring combinations – both ancient and modern, masculine and feminine, complex and minimal – creating iconoclastic perfumes for today’s global citizen. Oriental bouquets such as oud, frankincense, saffron, amber and musk are combined with crisp, contemporary notes such as bergamot, vetiver, leather, geranium and grapefruit.


The name ODICT combines the words ‘Oud’ and ‘Addict.’ An Addict is a devotee, dedicated to their source of addiction. Oud is derived from Agar-wood, and has been used ceremonially as oil (dehn al oud) or resin (oud mubakhar) by Arabs since ancient times.

Born out of the passion of its Cofounders, ODICT perfumes are bound together by their love of mystery & common culture of scent. The way that smell functions in the Middle East stresses communal ties – the recognition of individuals by their scent is a form of literacy, a way of reading each person. The highly sophisticated sense for smell in the Arab world finds a fresh new platform with ODICT’s modern twist on Arab scents.


The intangible but very real scent of a perfume is a passage way to the unconscious, to the nature of the soul. Scent is essentially a part of every civilization and religion, existing at the heart of spirituality in every culture and era. It evokes enduring strength, memory, emotion and desire. It is associated with the element Air.

Inspired by European visual culture and Middle Eastern tradition, ODICT was branded with a geometric logo along with an elegant, sharp and minimal aesthetic aligning with the spiritual nature of Air — the emblem of ODICT.

"ODICT perfumes are complex scents for minimalist people."

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